Jun 28
Belmullet Internet Marketing Workshop


I was born and raised in the West of Ireland and went to school in Belmullet, County Mayo. I will be returning to Mayo in July and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to provide an Internet Marketing Workshop in Belmullet on the 8th of July. I have been speaking and training and running a business in the industry for a very long time but the opportunity to give back to the local community where I received a world class education in a country where education is of the highest standard in the European community gives me great satisfaction. I had wonderful teachers who believed in me and encouraged me to become the person I am today … Read the rest

May 16
The Cavan Men’s Facebook song

Since I am headed back to Ireland and Cavan in a few weeks I  think I will seek out these Facebook stars for an interview!


Apr 26
The Best Auto Blogs

The internet is a veritable jungle of information, some good, a lot really bad. There is no exception for the automotive industry—there are legions of forums that are devoted to particular makes and models of cars, ranging from the crazy engineers at Hybrid Z to the self-described sophisticated gentlemen at BimmerFest. But where does the best automotive content come from? Without a doubt, blogs.

Automotive Blog
Perhaps the most ubiquitous auto blog is Jalopnik.com. Writers like Travis Okulski and Jason Torchinsky constantly deliver new news stories and commentary pieces that never fail to be interesting. They recently covered how Ford should reintroduce the Ranger as a Ute. While that may or may not be a good idea itself, it does provide some … Read the rest

Apr 17
AdAge Viral Video Awards 2013

The Adage viral video awards are announced.

Samsung won the viral brand of th year with 724,489,026 views of thieir videos from the “Next Big thing is already here campaign”

This video has 17,585,825 views pretty impressive

You can watch all their videos on the Samsung Video Channel on You Tube

For other winners see the full ADage Viral Videos Award report


Apr 9
Time to start blogging again……

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. One of my biggest issues is time and too much to do. In the past few months I have been very focused on developing strategy for several clients and also teaching a class at Thunderbird School of Global Mangement has kept me very busy. However, as somebody who advocates and teaches strategies for a strong online presence I have run out of excuses to keep my blog current.

I have also been focused on health issues and since the 1st of January I have diligently eaten healthy and I am now a regular visitor to the gym and take yoga, cycling and weight training. I purchased an elliptical … Read the rest

Oct 16
Google’s Matt Cutts announces Disavow link tool-Finally!!!!

Finally, in response to their sledge hammer approach to bad links following the Google Penguin update Google now allows you to disavow links.  I am glad Google has finally given webmasters this tool. I have a site in the treatment industry and there are rotten links pointing to it which I had nothing to do with them.  They have hurt the site and nobody will respond to requests to remove the links.  It will be very interesting to see what happens when I submit those links via this tool.

This video from Matt Cutts explains how to use the tool.


Oct 10
Google’s Algorithm grades Romney

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been organized by Google’s algorithm as a good definition for the search term “completely wrong” in its image search.  Hilarously when you type this search into Google and do an image search you get several pictures of the Presidential hopeful.

Mitt Romney

He doesnt fare much better in regular search either with articles about this appearing in several places on Google’s front page.

Mitt Romney


Sep 21
5 Ways to take control of your online image

Elixir got a nice mention in this article from details magazine


We have recieved several calls recently about Reputation Management from this article.  Thank you Details :)

Sep 4
Thunderbird School of Global Management – Digital Marketing Course

This week I will start team teaching a digital marketing class to for Thunderbird School of Global Management MBA program with Professor John Zerio.

I will take the role of Adjunct Professor and will guide the students in a much more hands on role to study and learn the basics of digital marketing to enhance their job prospects and create a much broader view of the role digital marketing plays in the business world they will inhabit when they complete their MBA.  We will also cover global issues and the need for corporate governance over digital strategy when dealing with a global presence.

I have long been an advocate of teaching our discipline in the colleges since my days … Read the rest

Jun 6
The Perils of showing up drunk in the digital age

I love Liam Neeson and as a fellow Irish Man I don’t doubt he likes a few beers.  This morning when I logged into Facebook there were several posts of Liam drunk on an Irish television show. He was coherent and made sense but he was clearly inebriated.  Now this morning thanks to the viral web it is all over that he showed up drunk.  This talented actor now has a PR nightmare on his hands and I am sure it will blow over eventually but now thanks to You Tube the digital record of what was probably a one off slip up for this very professional actor will stay around forever.  Web sites such as http://www.drugrehabcomparison.com/blog/schindlers-pissed-liam-neeson-drunk-on-irish-tv/ are all carrying … Read the rest

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