Sep 1
SEO For Universal Search

People ask me all the time Fionn “what has changed in SEO”? and I answer with “not a lot”. The tactics for good SEO have not changed but what has changed are the assets you can SEO. You still have web pages and your still need a great website with good code, and on and off page optimization. However, now the top 10 is no longer about web pages and you see video, images, press releases and so on in the results. This is where SEO has changed you need to optimize all your digital assets to ensure you cover all the channels in Universal Search. I start all presentations on Universal Search covering the basics of SEO as you need to follow the same best practices to optimize all your assets and do the same research for your target audience.

This presentation covers the basics and gives good cost effective tips on how to create digital assets to ensure you get your piece of the action.

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