Back From The Emerald Isle

I just got back from a blissful two week vaction in the west of Ireland near Belmullet .  We had a much needed rest and I am now trying to catch up on the news while I was gone.  I had to travel 15 miles to an interent connection and after the first few days of fresh sea air I forgot to do that.  It was very strange to be so ‘disconnected’ so to speak.  My children looked shell shocked for the first few days and the Grandma had no cable either so my youngest daughter played football with the dog and my oldest discovered reading again. 

We all had a wonderful time and sadly US Airways runined our trip back with delayed flights and lost baggage.  I really will never fly with US airways again unless there is no other option.  Lost the bags on the way over also.  At least they are consistent.  We flew with Aer Lingus on the transatlantic legs and its refreshing to still fly with an airline that provides genuine good quality customer service.  The 6.5 hour flights flew (pardon the pun) by with wonderful friendly staff, good food and non stop entertainment on the indivudual entertainment system they provide to each traveller.  What has happened to US air travel and why has the travelling public put up with letting it get this bad. 

Written by Fionn

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