Marlabs Global Delivery Model

I was looking for some information on Global DeliveryModel  for a client and found this site which explains it very well.  When you are looking for a company to help you maintain your business’ technical needs, there is certain criterion that they need to meet. Honesty, follow-through, and results are usually among the top five. To express their commitment to their customers and outline all that they have to offer to potential customers, Marlabs developed the Marlabs Global Delivery Model. The Global Delivery Model is made of four key components: transparency, customer centricity, team commitment, and mature governance.

Transparency is a key component to the Global Delivery Model. With transparency customers are welcomed, encouraged even, to be a part of the process from project development all the way through testing and implementation. An important part of transparency is maintaining open lines of communication so that the desired results are achieved. When communication is closed, problems develop and needs are not met.Customer centricity is another important component to the Global Delivery Model. Regardless of the business or industry every customer wants to feel that they are valued and appreciated. Marlabs is headquartered in the U.S. so they can more easily communicate and involve their customers. They also have many offshore resources that enable them to better reach the needs of their clients.

Team commitment is something that we all look for when hiring a company and it is something that Marlabs has built into their mission as well as their Global delivery model. Their goal is that every team member will not only meet the customers’ expectations but will exceed them.

Finally, mature governance. More than just a simple project outline, mature governance helps everyone stay on-track and document what has been done and what is still in the works.
With the Global Delivery Model customers are able to see exactly what they are getting before they make a commitment since it is posted right on their website.

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