Wienergate….spoof exposed

Finally, the media coverage of the nonsensical story about Anthony Weiner sending a picture of his crotch to an unknown twitter follower has been debunked by Joseph Cannon on his blog Cannon Fire.  I could not,  simply could not believe it when I sat down to watch the news yesterday and it was all coverage about this so called event.  Why did the media think that Anthony Weiner was that stupid has he ever done things in the past which implied he was a complete idiot.  It was insulting that the news outlets think this is news in a week where we are back to record lows in the housing market and 9.1% unemployment.  The media look like complete idiots with their analysis paralysis and their experts talking about why he was being so evasive and probably hiding something.   He played the media and he played them hard.  At first he was angry then it was clear that he decided to get some publicity out of it.  Good for him if the media circus comes to town why not take a ringside seat if you can get one for free.  You can see Joseph’s analysis here.

The current state of news is pathetic and serious news no longer matters its who can get the latest twitter story.  The serious journalists are being beaten to the post every time with social media coverage.  I mean who has time to  check facts when you can put rubbish like this out in 2 seconds flat and grab the attention of every major news outlet in the US.  The serious journalists are having to participate in this to survive.  I bet Anderson Cooper cringed when he had to cover this.  Its hard to believe that he would willingly have done it unless his bosses dictated to ensure CNN did not lose out on any ratings.  I am going into hibernation for the  2012 elections I cannot even stand to think how many people will decide who to vote for based on unfoudned opinions that are louder than journalism which sticks to the facts.

Somebody owns the crotch and my guess is that they will “expose” themselves.  Then they can make a sex tape and get their own reality TV show and join Kim and Paris as important people in our culture which rewards mediocrity. And just for the record here is the famous crotch picture which caused all the drama sad really that this caused such an uproar.  Heaven forbid that anybody would publish a picture of a covered penis.  Could have been a pickle in there for all we know but who cares about that facts dont matter.

Written by Fionn

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3 comments to “Wienergate….spoof exposed”
  1. uh, no. the alleged yfrog backdoor hack actually doesn’t explain this. one would not be able to send a direct message via that technique. secondly, twitter and yfrog both took their systems off line after the incident was reported in the media and confirmed that no hack occurred. as in, no-hack-occurred. whether or not Weiner gave his login to someone else is another question. third, how many racy photos need to surface before folks wisen up and realize that he is nothing more than a philandering scumbag who clearly was seeking some kind of extra-marital liaison? at best, this guy doesn’t have the judgment to be a congressman nor do his opinions on important matters carry weight any longer. his own party will relieve him – if you doubt that, stay tuned. damaged goods are not tolerated during an election cycle.

  2. I agree the media tends to focus on the ridiculous non-stories and ignore relevant issues or fail to do proper research, instead relying on a he-said, she-said approach between absurd right and left extremes.

    As to whether I thought Anthony Weiner was that stupid, well, the problem is that a lot of otherwise intelligent politicians do stupid things like that.

    And the fact he was doing a lot of verbal dancing (“I’m not sure if that’s a photo of me or not.”), didn’t help his cause any.

  3. Looks like he did do it and Joseph Cannon’s theory although valid is not true in this case. What a complete idiot Weiner is. However, I still hold that this is not news nor do I care about it and the media circus needs to go find real news to report on.

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