Time to start blogging again……

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. One of my biggest issues is time and too much to do. In the past few months I have been very focused on developing strategy for several clients and also teaching a class at Thunderbird School of Global Mangement has kept me very busy. However, as somebody who advocates and teaches strategies for a strong online presence I have run out of excuses to keep my blog current.

I have also been focused on health issues and since the 1st of January I have diligently eaten healthy and I am now a regular visitor to the gym and take yoga, cycling and weight training. I purchased an elliptical machine from Dazadi.com but to date it has had limited use as I find the classes at the gym keeps me accountable.  I also go to Weight Watchers and have lost 28 lbs since January.

I am also planning a major trip to Europe this summer and and office and home move.  So although I have been very lax about keeping my blog up to date I think I can cut myself a little slack for the cobblers children not having any shoes!!


Written by Fionn

I am the CEO of Elixir Interactive a search and social media company based in Scottsdale Arizona. Our company specializes in organic Search and SEO for universal search. We are a market leader in the field of Online Reputation Management where we leverage our in- depth knowledge of of search and social media to manage brands and reputations online.

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