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Doohoma Ireland – A place I call home

Growing up in Doohoma

Nestled on the North West Coast of Ireland is a little village called Doohoma in County Mayo and the place I call home.  This peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and some of the most incredible natural beauty on the West coast of Ireland.  There are very few spots that do not have breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding hills.

Cows with the best view around

I grew up in this village in the 1960s and ’70s.  It is a small fishing and farming community which has changed considerably since I grew up.  My Father owned a mixed farm which provided all our food from milk to fresh meat and poultry.   … Read the rest

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My blog is based on two of my greatest passions next to my family, cooking and travelling.  I have always wanted to share all the recipes I have developed over the years and tales of my worldwide travels.  I have never had the time until the lockdown2020.  I am making the most of the imposed quarantine and loving it. Not the quarantine the blogging.    I am a home cook not a professional so all my recipes were made in my own kitchen for my family.  I hope you enjoy!

Sunset in Mayo

Fionn Downhill

About this blog

Welcome to my blog where I want to share my love of cooking and travelling.  I am not a professional cook and I am certainly not a photographer, so please go easy on me I am doing it for love.!!