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Traveling has been a constant and cherished part of my life since I was a young girl. It’s a passion that has led me to explore the diverse cultures and traditions of our world, offering me a unique perspective on life through the eyes of different nationalities. One of the joys of my global adventures is discovering and savoring local cuisines, gathering inspiration for my ever-growing home cooking recipe library. Each journey enriches not just my experiences but also adds new flavors and stories to my culinary repertoire. I also love to share stories and recipes from my beloved Ireland home of my birth. The girl in the picture at the Palace des Versailles is my daughter, whom I’ve passed on the travel bug to.

Table of contents:

A Lifelong Love of Travel | How it all began

Doohoma Ireland a Place I call Home

Lusty Beg Island Ireland’s best kept secret

Visiting Dublin Ireland

Irish Car Ferry

Chelsea Flower Show – Bloomin Marvelous

John Soanes Museum London

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