Graineuaile Castle


Irish Car Ferry…

A few  years ago when we visited family in Ireland we went to a tiny little Island close to where my Mother lives.  My children has the best experience of their lives as they watched the car ferry load for returning to the main land.  The Island is called Clare Island

Clare Island has the distinction of being the home of the pirate Grace O’Malley or Granuaile as she is called in Gaelic.… Read the rest

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My blog is based on two of my greatest passions next to my family, cooking and travelling.  I have always wanted to share all the recipes I have developed over the years and tales of my worldwide travels.  I have never had the time until the lockdown2020.  I am making the most of the imposed quarantine and loving it. Not the quarantine the blogging.    I am a home cook not a professional so all my recipes were made in my own kitchen for my family.  I hope you enjoy!

Sunset in Mayo

Fionn Downhill

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Welcome to my blog where I want to share my love of cooking and travelling.  I am not a professional cook and I am certainly not a photographer, so please go easy on me I am doing it for love.!!